Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hw wl t be 2 celebrate ur birthday in th coll hostelll????????

Hw wl t be 2 celebrate ur birthday in th coll hostelll????????

Please read this with IMAGINATION.. Tats why i hav posted this for...

It was the night of 21Dec08.. 10pm..
Opeating System Book in front of me.. Have my last exam of th 6th sem on 23rd.. A lot more to study.. But i was recieving threatens from many in th past week.. For.. What and all i did for their birthdays.. Coz....... 22 s.... my birthday..

P.Ashok,john were my recent victims, our recent victims actually.. Had poured over him a lot of curd rice, and soap water and chyavnaprash special for john, syrup+surf exel in water, and old snacks+water, and many.. we( Myself,anish,ravi,elam, john on ashok's bday and ashok on john's b day) attacked with these high tech ,illa na kooda, new weapons and made them remember wat they faced, on their last b'day at hostel...

10pm.. Ashok was in my room.. Me and him, talkin, as t was borin.. Ashok said while leavin at 10.30," i was here to make sure u didnt run".??! "Ah ho.. " (I thought for a moment..)

Then.. Couldn't study tat much.. Was studyin.. Time was goin on.. It was 11 15 pm.. Wat to do.. A vvyyyaaacckkyy surprise s for sure.. i know.. But.. how about a surprise for them?? Took small empty bottles and filled them with soap water.. and syrup water.. in a hurry.. to make sure no one sees.. Hid it behind th hanging wet dresses.. outside room..
Then it was 11 30..

One by one.. Started hearing different voices outside my room.. and going..
Study now.. Mind says.. OS la aapu illa na..(In OS exam anchor dhan)

" Hi richards.. Many more happy returns of the day""Happy birthday joe""Richi Happy birthday" My classmates and friends.. A lot of wishes and hugs :)
Suddenly.. Heard loud sounds.. in John's room..
Its Cake time.. :)
Th cake was snatched by guys :) b4 even the cake was viewed by me.. :)
Tats wat birthday s in our hostel..:)
"A piece for me da..?" I asked..
"Unakku illaadhadha??" They said and wat do you knoowww..
I just had most of th cakd over me!!!
"Mudichitanga da!!"((everything was over)) i thought..
But tat was just the begining..

Taassshhh.. tasshhh.. i heard.. And felt two palms on my head and everyone started to run!!
"Wat?? AAaahh.. Egggg!!! on my head!!"
T was ashok and ela...
"Adaa Pavi.."i said and "Taasssshhh"" one more!!!
This time JOHN!!
then i wes cornered by ravi and john.. they are havin eggs in their hand!!
Wat to u know.. I Know the ""Art of self defence""!!:)
Coz i hav more eggs and cream all over me than what they hav in their hand.. :)
I started to take some cake and threw.. they threw eggs.. Thank God.. They missed..

Its Chasing time!!!

I cleaned myself a little and turned!!
Aaawwww.. Vyack..
Some syrup water and soap water..
M aaaall wet...
"Dai.. Thu.. thu.. Vaaikulla yaen da oothuneenga.. thu..."(it went into my mouth!!)
John and ravi threw th water again!!
Ashok ran towards a room where many others were there..
Then John and ravi started throwin curd rice!!
This time its my turn!!
If u wanna escape.. Leav th bucket of curd rice there.. That was th situation..
So they dropped it and scattered..

I took th bucket.. Went down to first floor..
Guys with ashok.. They were slowly moving towards th way where i was..
Hariharan said"Richards onnum panna maatan da".. And came..
Pachaaakkkk.. Everyone ran back to the room.. I threw curd rice!!
He said.. Stop da.. yenna da ippadi pannita.. shirt full of curd..
He then went to change th shirt and to take bath..

i went and stood before th room.. Everyone inside.. They opened lightly..
I pushed in and everyone closed it.. I said.. Leav ashok, wont dirt anyone!!
They opened window.. and another Pachaaakkk..
They closed window.. Then paavamm nu i left..
Then came upstairs.. Anish slowly walkin hopin i wont throw.. But its party time!!!
Pachak pachak.. Anish said enough for me da.. carry on with others!!
Then left him... Followed.. Elam th next victim, in front of anish's room! aall water there!!!

and ashok came.. and..
I felt something wierd over my shoulder..
Wats tat.. ashok was applyin shoe polish!! he then held me.. and.. john and ravi came and applied polish over my face!! I previously said to my friend tat i hav polish surprise for my friends here..
She had reportd tat to guys here and i got th polish finally!!
they ran.. i tried to run but... Zzzuuuoo dhusshh..!!!
Slipped and Fell down in sitting pose:):)
Askd for help.. but.. no one was ready to take the plotted risk..
Apparom i got up.. John came but maintained a distance...
Naama parandhu parandhu thaakkuvomla..
Ran behind him.. i threw th polish, and pachak.. it was on john's shoulder..
John romba arivaalithanama, while checkin he spread them all over :)
Applied on each others then :)
Then came to room :) Saw the mobiles in plastic cover, to protect..
I was havin little egg, cream, soap water, syrup water, curd rice and shoe polish!!
And i said of juice for guys.. but they went to sleep as i was out busy at the hunt!!

Then.. We came to bathroom!! ashok, ravi, john, elam and me..
Cleanin hands, then cleaned th cloths..
John brought a mirror!! I askd why??
He said polish at his back..
He then used rin and lux soaps to remove them!!
He threw water over me and everyone..
The soap dirt at corner, i took t and went to apply over his face, but.. poor john..
turned and t was in his mouth!!
Thu thu thu.. he was doing and cleand hs mouth!!
Then played with water!!! Little less than th water play at karthi's birthday!!
Then.. went to room. Replied for all wishes in mobile..
Came outside.. and Vyaackk.. It was smellin egg and curd..
Then cleaned with water.. Me and john.. Applied detol water..
Then went with scent bottle.. Sprayed here and there.. on floor.. the next day too...
My wet cloths were havin rice..
I had to clean them little at tat moment and the next day complete wash...
Then.. got gifts :):)
Went to sleep smiling :):):):)


What a birthday that was..
Last birthday with my friends..
Really miss them a lot now...
Treasure every moment that i had with my friends at the college...
Hostel Birthday celebration rocks!!!!